Why is this here..

A Lead Odyssey is about my hobby, collecting, painting and playing with toy soldiers. It will cover the various rulesets I use, the figures I am painting (very slowly), and some games. Thanks to Harry Pearson for the Achtung Schweinehund reference. The uniform jacket in the picture was adapted from a safari suit, the weapon is a wooden sub-machine gun made by me and my dad. Cool eh?

I play a range of scales, rules and periods.. scales are anything from 6mm, through 15mm to 28mm for little men, but I also use 1/1200 for Napoleonic Naval, and 1/3000 for Pre-Dreadnought period Naval.

My tastes are eclectic, but I have avoided most 'Fantasy' Games for a few years, as I couldn't get into the usual suspects for Fantasy Battles, and didn't have a decent group to play role-playing style games.

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Lead Audit part MCCXVIII

Another attempt at working on the lead mountain this afternoon - this time checking out the 1/285 WW2 stuff. Thomo has been working on his Russkis, and my 1941-42 Wehrmacht just aren't going to cut it vs all those T34s and KVs. I knew I had a load of later Germans so it was time to figure out what was there.

So I have been busy gluing schurzen on to Pz III, Stugs and so on.....  Arrghh... Why do they mould them separately?

The real issue is that GHQ and CinC make things in multiple packs, so for example I have ended up with 15 x 8 wheeled armoured cars when I really only need 3 or so. Time to try and do some swaps I think...

Wednesday, 22 August 2012


Well, after a flu, a stint in hospital, I finally got back to my figures. I can't paint as I am supposed to not be sitting up, so I cleaned up the metal Gripping Beast Vikings, and attached spears, weapons and shields.

 I had already attached them to round magnabases, and I rather like the look of them.  Next up some basic sand & rocks basing material, and they will be ready for the undercoat and the challenge of painting 28mm.